Mission Trip Opportunities

Our fifth statement of vision is to provide connections for those interested in taking their skills overseas. Here is the full statement. Below that is a list of opportunities along with contacts to discuss further details.

Vision Statement V:  

Provide Cross-cultural Experiences

a. Achieved through participating in short-term mission trips overseas to
offer training as well as counseling and consulting. Also achieved
through involvement with campus ministries with foreign students here
in the US.
b. As this vision is realized, we will strengthen our effectiveness in our
own culture as well as contribute some of our wealth of expertise to
people of other countries. It will require us to adapt our principles and
to clarify our assumed foundational thinking.
c. Resist Myopia    To the extent that we believe our American cultural
values are universal, we become narrow-minded, shallow and limited
in our contributions.  

Refugees in Greece

Jon Woodruff at East-West Ministries is gathering a team to go Athens, Greece to talk with refugees passing through on their way to Europe.  Counselors, I think, are ideally suited to connect and listen to the stories of others.  Jon says . . . 
“We will follow Luke 10 principles for engagement in the squares and parks of Athens where we can share the redemptive story of the Bible.  Many of the Muslims in Athens are in a time of transition in their lives and are very receptive to the message of Jesus Christ.  Come join us in planting seeds for the Gospel in the lives of those who have never heard the true message of Jesus!  The sites of Athens will also be part of our itinerary.  Visit the place of the Areopagus, the site of the Apostle Paul’s famous message from Acts 17:15-34!  And, visit a beautiful Greek Isle!”

Contact Jon Woodruff:  jwoodruff@eastwest.org; (972) 941-4476
or LeeJagers@gmail.com; 214-336-6281 (My cell phone)

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