Teaching in South America

Dr. Ron Newman travels through South America teaching several times a year.  This is one of the ministries of SALT (Support and Leadership Training).  I almost went on one of these trips two years ago, but illness prevented.  Ron could use some help in teaching.  The program is described briefly here:
A three- to four-year program designed to train pastors and church leaders who are unable to attend Bible schools or seminaries in Perú, Chile and Argentina and other countries. Classes are held three times per year in various cities in each country. Graduates may earn a Diploma or a Bachiller or Licenciatura degree. https://saltleadership.org/about-salt/#
For more information contact Dr. Ron Newman — drronnewman@aol.com 
or me LeeJagers@gmail.com or 214-336-6281 (My cell phone)

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