Athens, Greece — Refugees

Parthenon at night

Jon Woodruff at East-West Ministries is gathering a team to go Athens, Greece to talk with refugees passing through on their way to Europe.  Counselors, I think, are ideally suited to connect and listen to the stories of others.  Jon says . . . 
“We will follow Luke 10 principles for engagement in the squares and parks of Athens where we can share the redemptive story of the Bible.  Many of the Muslims in Athens are in a time of transition in their lives and are very receptive to the message of Jesus Christ.  Come join us in planting seeds for the Gospel in the lives of those who have never heard the true message of Jesus!  The sites of Athens will also be part of our itinerary.  Visit the place of the Areopagus, the site of the Apostle Paul’s famous message from Acts 17:15-34!  And, visit a beautiful Greek Isle!”

Contact Jon Woodruff:; (972) 941-4476
or; 214-336-6281 (My cell phone)

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